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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?

Only if the dishes are done first! 8-)

Ha ha...only joking...

Actually i dont believe its in womans nature to lead.

Testosterone makes you lead.

A womens role is to support her man. To provide a safe harbour from the stress of the day to day struggle. To be their when the kids come home from school.

Is there a role anymore important than this?

I used to be a Registered Nurse. Obviously i hung out with women alot. I used to often ask..."would you rather work or be home with the kids"...every one and I mean EVERY female i spoke to wanted to stay home with the kids and keep the houshold in order.

A women needs to be fresh to repond intuitivley to others needs. She cannot perform her role when stressed from work.

Thats the mans job.

Keeping women flat out and busy allows the state to sneak in the back door and start getting hold of your kids in Day Care Centers. Who is insane enough to put their kids in the hands of another?

How far have we drifted?

How much have they ripped from us?

A women should always allow the man to lead most days. That assumes however he is worth following?
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