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During emailing while I was on his site and it was my birthday, it was said that he had a present for me.

Just recently, a poster on the unofficial site said to another poster, I have your present.

In one of the threads about his and Patti's anniversary recently, there was a congratulations posted and then a "happy birthday" cake and a "thank you."

My birthday is soon to be.

Out of context? Of course.

It was an anniversary thread and not a birthday thread.

Thank you for what?

Again, attempting to insinuate that somehow I'm helping HIM.

Then there was a picture of an album cover of him with the name "Marianne" on it.

What is that about??

In the duet he did with Jesse Malin, one line in the song says the "little girl" was born in June.

Well, guess what month I was born?

You got it!!!
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