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When ONE is in an altered state of consciousness, perception is not fine-tuned.

I spent some time there.

Thankfully, I can now look at his pictures, listen to his songs (other musician's songs as well) and not "react" in the way that I was programmed to.

My perception is not what they wanted it to be; infatuation; sexual desire; hero; fantastic singer and guitar player and genuis lyricist.

My perception is now the opposite.

Mediocre singer; mediocre guitar player and you've read them yourself; an okay lyricist at best with videos and themes that are disgusting. I must also include some of his induction speeches of other musician's into the Hall of Fame in my review.

I say this not because of the experiences I suffered in the past; those are a complete and separate matter, but because my perception is not altered.

I am not tranced as I suspect many of his fans are. Not just his fans, either, but the fans of many bands/musicians.

They have a way, you know of altering one's perception!
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