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Here, I have an idea. Why don't these people take their 30 million dollars and infuse it into a poor neighborhood like North Philadelphia and see what happens!

The root of the problem does not lie with our wanna-be-presidents signing some promissory note to help the starving people of the world.

The root of the problem is the stranglehold they place upon societies throughout the globe in areas that are rich in natural resources.

The welfare conditions they have created in the African American communities.

America is not rich in natural resources. She has been USED just as Israel has been used to further the NWO.

Soon, Americans may be starving, infected with diseases. Don't you see it? Autism has been predicated to affect nearly 1 in every 50 children without a known cause. They must have a crystal ball.

The heirarchy must be dismantled before any people's in the world will be spiritually and truly FREE individuals.

You don't see that they are killing people in Iraq based on LIES???

If they can kill without just cause for their own prosperity, do you seriously believe they want to stop famine around the world?

They are funding their war through price gauging at the gas pumps.

Oh, these musicians who connect themselves with charitable causes to look like some do gooders really get my goat.

Bono hangs with the Prez; the Edge hugs Clinton, Springsteen hangs with Kerry.


Are they GAY?

What have these musicians ever done to change the world for the better?

The answer is NOTHING!!

They've been at it for decades. Singing their politically laced songs; some of them.

What has it changed?


Has it stopped their agenda?


They are a part of the agenda.

Bono should take his 30 million or whatever part of it he has contributed, and put it where the sun don't shine.

He's one of THEM!

I just learned that Cheryl Crow developed breast cancer from drinking bottled water left in her car in the heat. Supposedly, the heat melts the plastic and releases chemicals into the water.

Women have been advised not to practice this.

If these chemicals have been found in breast tissue, why then can't these chemicals produce cancer in other parts of the body and in males as well?

Cheryl Crow. The woman who said one sheet of toilet tissue should suffice when one uses a public restroom.

The woman who sang a duet with STING about BUTTERFLIES.

Check out some of her lyrics.
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