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I don't care about your life
and I certainly don't care about your wife
i don't care who you're with
I just don't care about you
not one little bit

i don't care if they lock you away
don't care if you never see a sunny day
don't care about what you do
just don't care about 'little boy blue'

the lies that you told
they're all over your face
you're hearts full of pain
your soul's a disgrace

I saw it broken
when I walked through the door
tiny slivers, tiny pieces all over the floor

it broke your heart cause i just wouldn't stay
wouldn't let you control me
thought you'd have it your way

that secret garden you thought you'd own
well, let me tell you
the seeds have been sown
they've grown into what you thought i wouldn't be
and if you look really hard
you won't recognize me

i'm not the person you thought you could shape
not the person you thought you could break
i'm not that "little girl" you once had
I'm a mother, a wife, a friend and a lover
i don't need to hide underneath my covers
i've got a real man who loves me forever
you and your cohorts just birds of the same feather

flocking together
tryin' to weather the storm
cause you know it's been a long time comin'
and now it's here
a long time comin'
and the time is near
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