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Default Now the world really does not have the axiom?

Now the world really does not have the axiom?

Ministry of Public Security,……This case hung in the balance for a long time, they insist on the unfair Road Traffic Accident Responsibility Confirming Letter and refuse to cancel or change it according to the People's Police Law of the People's Republic of China. They refuse to execute the law fairly……

What else can I expect?

Ministry of Public Security,……Although I do not deny that the peacebreaker should take on total responsibility of this accident, the written reply of Road Traffic Accident Reliability Reconfirming Letter of making the peacebreaker take on total responsibility is still not worked out. It causes that the artificial irregular grievance has not had a just parlance, so that the body of the inculpable victim is still kept in the funeral home, and can not get cremation.

Meanwhile, I appeal to the international just people who maintain people’s rights and can help me to get justice. Let’s build a harmonious society!

Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province

Brother of Victim: Xia Yuanfeng
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