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The song, "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" with the verse, "don't worry, we're gonna find a way," reminds me of something I said in an email.

I think I was questioning the PLAN. Like, how is this going to come about. You don't have a plan and on a thread the message was posted.

"You know I would have had to."

Oh, certainly, I know you would have had to, but at that point, as I detected, the plan was to emotionally traumatize me, psychologically abuse, sexually trigger me, control me, etc., etc., etc., perhaps to the point of institutionalization and/or suicide.

Because remember, this same poster said to me. "You know what you have to do."

At one point, in another email to this same poster, I said, "you haven't offered me anything." What can you provide me?

He commented in a thread, cBS, which meant bullshit.

Oh, I get it. Everything offered to me are in the lyrics of his songs.

You know, that's where all the evidence, hidden messages, mixed messages and triggers are contained as well.
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