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Default Re: Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

the people who hold your mortage, and all the debt you acumulated are the ones that benifit because they will keep everything you ,your company or your country has to cover the debt. they create the slump and make humungus amounts of money. besides this they eliminate as many non jewish iluminati fortunes as they can.

just like in the great depression of 1929 the banks took control of hundreds of thousands of farmland and the farmers where left out in the cold. not to mention the vast numbers of Christian millionaires who became poor in less than a day.

as you well know the currency is just a paper that says you got certain assest but the paper is not the asset nor is it yours. when the economy crashes it ususlly means that there is no cash for everyone but only for your jewish iluminati banker who will wipe you clean. (remeber that all banks are chartered by the federal reserve so while it migh appear as non iluminati in thruth it is because its under their control)

while everyone fights for what is left, to feed their dying children, the money merchants will be counting all they took eating,drinking and enjoying their fortunes thinking that they have seved there god well.

thats what they have always done and will always do. until the the day of the Lord.
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