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You set the trap again
and I broke right through it
you trapped yourself
and when you did you knew it

I never trapped you
you're lyin' through your teeth
you had a chance,
you had chance
a chance to be free
but you chose THEM over ME

my strength is my own
it doesn't come from you
so don't praise yourself
for something you didn't do
nothing you've done has made me strong
all that you did was just wrong, wrong, wrong

Good will conquer evil but the truth won't set you free
and you're not wearin' any chains that belong to me
your trapped song is reverse psychology

go play games with somebody else
cause I'm not playin'
and all your cards have been dealt
and if the truth were what you said
you wouldn't be sleeping alone in your bed

if you weren't a liar
you'd have the key
it just wasn't meant
wasn't meant to be

you trapped yourself
i set myself free
I never harmed you
you harmed me

you should have taught your eyes to see
a long, long time ago
you should have broken through the walls
just cut it lose and let it go
but you didn't
you hung on

you trapped yourself
i set myself free
I never harmed you
but you harmed me

I'm not playing games
but you certainly are
when you move your last piece
you'll walk out the loser
cause I'm a winner
no matter which way you throw the dice
i'm a winner
you know
in the game of life
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