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"The Angels Love You More than you Know"

They do?

Yes, they do.

How do you know?

Because they told me so?

You talk to angels? They talk to you?

There are angels all around us.

I don't see them.

Well, some people see them and some people don't.


How come you see them and I don't?

I can't explain it, but they come to me in my dreams.

God is calling you to be with the angels. This is what they told me.

God wants you to be one of his angels.

How come they don't talk to me?

Because they work through me.

Why don't they just talk to me if they want me to be with them?

Cause they're afraid you won't accept them.

Why wouldn't I accept them?

Cause not all people accept angels, but I do and so they talk to me.

Don't you want to know how much the angels love you?


Don't you want to be with the angels?

No, not really. I'd have to be dead to be with the angels.

But, they love you and they want you to be with them.

But, I'm not an angel.

You're an angel to me.

Everything about you is angelic. You have "Angel Eyes" (Springsteen song).

How do you know I'm an angel?

The angels told me so.

How sick!!!

Another suicide suggestion.
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