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There is something I need to make VERY CLEAR!!

There will be no RECANTING.

There will be no REDRESS.

To those of you who knew my father and my mother, you are well aware that they were SICKOs! and I am well aware of this, as well.

If you can repeat some of the things they said to me, I assure you that it wasn't because I was reporting to you ABOUT THEM being the ONLY perpetrators in my life.

I REITERATE that you belong in the same category as they do and you know which category that is.

I have explained abuse at home, being a prime candidate, my father involved in pornography and perhaps avoiding jail time by sacrificing me.

On another note, I didn't realize that Bruce's home was in jeopardy of being burned down by his kids.

"Burn the house down" or was that a lame joke?

You can mimic phrases that my father said, but in no way, shape or form was he the only abuser in my life.

I was used in the music industry as a "sex slave. I WAS a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

As I've written on this thread, I believe my father and my main handler, Springsteen, shared my programming.
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