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Bear with me for a moment.

There is a reason I keep coming back to Springsteen's song, "The River." This song plays a very significant "disinformation" role.

When the "false" memories associated with this song were called up when I was on SPRINGSTEEN's official site, I was under my covers for days reliving "torture" memories that were inflicted upon me in the past to implant these "false" memories. It was like the torture was happening all over again.

It felt like they were sticking needles in my head. Just torturing the information into my subconscious. Making me repeat it. Telling me what a horrible person I was! What kind of an animal was I? How could I do this to my own child? How could I ever look him in the eye?

The "disinformation, as we know, was that I had a baby with Springsteen and the OTHERS programmed me to cut it up so that I would be institutionalized and he and I couldn't be witnesses.

As I said, I knew Springsteen long before I was 17 years old and even if this song were true, I would have been a minor and he is 7 years older than me.

I was hysterically crying. Naturally, I thought these memories were real. I was in an altered state of consciousness. The connection to my past that I was searching for and thought I had found were feeding me lies through "mind control."

I had fallen back into the hands of my past abusers and, most probably, handlers/controllers I didn't know from the past, as well.

I wasn't eating for days. I lost alot of weight.

Of course, they never imagined I would have survived long enough to undo the lies. They were banking on suicide, institutionalization, etc. I made it this far because my PROTECTORS armed me with knowledge, wisdom, but, most importantly instructions.

In an altered state, the implication was that we were going to be together again and go public with MKULTRA/Project Monarch. The reason this didn't happen in the past was because the OTHERS told me lies about him and tore us apart.

I knew this would NOT be. I was never totally under their control just as in the past. This is one of the reasons I refer to myself as an operative. I was capable of staying connected to a certain degree and reporting to my PROTECTORS. I never loved him. I did what I had to do to escape. I endured what I had to endure to escape. I risked my life to escape and to bring my incarceration/abuse to light.

He is not a hero in any sense of the word.

So, back to the song. Why would he write a song about getting someone pregnant, if he didn't?

Very strange!

Well, the reason is twofold. It plays into the disinformation and also covers up the truth as to whom he got pregnant.

It wasn't me.

However, if you look back at what he said about Bono's incestuous song, you'll have a clue.

He praised it!
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