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Shadow wrote:
No, it appears your "time and effort" are better spent, thousands of idiotic posts, getting banned, checking every day to see if the ban is over and re-registering to start the process once more.

Everyone around here clearly and without a doubt KNOWS who the REAL idiot and PATHETIC TROLL is.

They have always known and they will always know, because you just can't take the message and try the real world for a change.
Excuse me, checking everyday? Last time, it was a year before I checked.

This time a few months.

Where do you get your information? You need a better source.

Are you referring to my thousand idiotic posts that are contained in the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread?

I would imagine so. That thread seems to make your hair stand up on end.

Some vested interest, I'm sure, MR. TROLL.

Most of your posts are about as important as what you've posted on this thread.

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