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Default Re: I have a new shop!

marypopinz wrote:
With and through all the chaos, I am back in business. Hurdles to stepping stones! I open for Easter.

Hope, life goes on and does get better with a bit of inspiration and a lot of hard work and faith.

The glass is either half full or half empty man. And if you're defeated in your mind before you start, they win. Fcuk that! If the foreigner's can make millions through honest work outside corruption, so can I. I'm a foreigner in my own country - tres bizarre.

My business is going to fund my re-education in gold-smithing. I can't wait. These two added together with my friend who has a mountain of gold to get rid of and the future is looking pretty bright - glittering dreams of gold.

I sculpt and I want to create beautiful jewelry. Also, with the way things are heading, it may be a very wise choice of vocation for the security of my children's future.

It's just a matter of time, hard work, faith and inspiration. And if I can do it, anyone can. God truly helps those who help themselves.

Thank you God.

Mary XXX

Good for you Mary, I wish you tons of customers and profit. I do handcrafted fashion jewelry myself. It's fun. I haven't taken the steps yet to do it full-time as my main source of income, just for supplement. But I am sure your work is truly deserving of a gallery. Will you sell on the internet? Give us your business site's name.
Love to see your jewelry.
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