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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?

"Whether he's the protector and gets that respect is a different story."

A woman doesn't protect a man. A MAN PROTECTS A WOMAN. That's why men were made physically stronger, in general. Bodyframe is more muscly and women are more curvy.

Respecting a man for that postion makes him head of household for that reason in my mind. If I expect you to protect me, am I going to tell you how to do your job?

My brother is finally an at home mom and hisMRS. is a doctor. it works for them and their kids. He is head of the house. No doubt there.

Yes true, behind every good man is a good woman - no doubt. You may lead the parade and we are your backbone.

Women leaders? Sure. Is it natural? For some, obviously. Certain people are leaders, both male and female, and have these qualities and strengths of character and/or charisma.

I believe a man heads the house and maybe I am old-fashioned. I also believe that a woman can inspire a man beyond belief.

Does that mean that she is leading him? I don't know. I believe society would work if only one parent stayed home with the kids. I don't believe it matters who. I do believe that men have to behave like men to get respect. Women too. Society was kinder to the children when we all knew our rolls.
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