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Default Re: More Bullshit from TB!!

Yo O.C...he's a journalist first and foremost.

A reasonable one at that.

I've seen him speak several times. He's a wonderful person and highly respected.

He encourages the Green Left etc... alot but I would'nt call him a die hard socialist.

Dont think I have it in for all lefty's. Quite the contrary. There hearts are in the right place. Unfortunatley they are being energised by the far right for a specific perpose.

When you have billionair NWO jews like Gorge Soros promoting 'democracy' and funding the left through the foundations their is something seriously wrong.

I'm sorry, it's a scam. It took me a few years but i've finally worked it out.

I dont want the wool pulled from peoples feet and now told..."go fend for yourself and get some Libertarian values"...

I want the corporates dismantled, the State reduced and people allowed to fend and look after each other like nature intended.

One way or another the Almighty is going to make us all grow up and be adults. That means getting off the State tit...that means Kerry Packer and his ilk as well.

It seems we have socialism for the rich and free markets for the poor.

Believe me, if you knew who was funding most of these 'left' groups you'd have a fit.


P.S And yes your right...i am inconsistent to someone with an authoritarian bent. Someone for who the truth must be laid out in a nice lovely straight line where the trains run on time. That must be unsettling for many.

Believe me we're on the same side. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a far right habit. Dont get into it. I'll use whoever is speaking the truth.


P.P.S You speak as if from a book. You read alot but lack original thought. You need to humble yourself a little. I see you must have been treated badly by a father or father figure as a child. Hence your extreme violent outbursts when you're intimidated by someone who can argue a point with you.

There are many excellent counselling services available that are fairly cheap for someone doing it hard at Uni like yourself.

All the best mate. Keep reading and speaking to people. You'll be surprised what you'll learn when you listen.

Sincere best.

P.P.P.S 4000 have visited my humble site in just over 2 and a half weeks. Thats alot. It seems people are interested in what I post. For that I am most humbled. Thanx everyone here for the support.
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