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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?

Oh my God, that was my second marriage. I woke up and thought, "I don't like you." He didn't want my youngest, the result of failed sterilzation and I left his miserbale ass. Best thing I ever did though. The truth was yet to come to light. When it did, that's when I spray-painted his properties and smashed out all his windows. A woman with a hammer and murder on her mind is not a pretty sight. What a fcuking life??? Thank God for red spray paint.

I can laugh at it now, to some extent. Picturing me then, I must have been quite a sight. I don't want to kill him anymore. I do believe he still derserves to be punished as God don't like ugly. But that is between him and God. Do I forgive him? No.

Do I dwell on him? No.
Does he matter to my existence? No.
If he died tomorrow, would I care? I'd be grateful.

My kids wouldn't suffer so much mourning the dad they lost. At least he's be dead and then their would be an acceptable reason for them not being allowed in his physical presence.

Men are supposed to protect children, not molest them. Life would be kinder if we all knew our roles.
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