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Default Underneath Nanchang!...

WW3? Is there any way around it?

The Powers that be will plunge us to a new DARK AGE! Scary scenarios...

Nanchang Blown to Bits!

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Underneath Nanchang is a sizable part of the Chinese Nuclear Arsenal.If Oil is scarce around the world, as the Devils tell us everyday, then a first-strike against China will be necessary since it's funding and arming the third-world rebellion against the powers that be. Iran and the Russians are very smart, but not smart enough for dominating the world's oil fields like the U.S.

Scary Scenarios...

All conspiracies aside, the Zionist/Illuminati plan of World-Government will depend on the outcome of WW3, will the U.S. survive a American City/Cities being blown to smithereens (Los-Angeles, Seattle, San-Francisco) will we survive the forced agenda of theirs?

Scary Scenarios

What if the above website and the scenario is real? then what will you do? will the U.S. government begin to round-up people to the Brown and Root built CONCENTRATION CAMPS? What will happen to them there? meanwhile the Middle-East will go up in flames, will this mean a mandatory DRAFT of 16 year old youngsters for military service?


Concentration Camps...
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