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I'd have to say that the poster Tim Rose on his official site may have caused the beginning of an altered state.

He never spoke, just posted lyrics to songs. One of the first songs he posted while I was there was Bob Dylan's "Master of Wars."

This really hit a nerve.

I believe the poster who wrote the poem about Springsteen's muse leaving him flailing again and it showing up in my word program was Hawk.

As far as trying to "trigger" the jealousy mode, Vast attempted this when I was walking with my husband, helicopter flew over and the his comment on the board was, "I'm out of here." Oh, this jealousy at some point was posted.

He wasn't jealous. It was to "trigger" that mechanism in me because shortly thereafter, posters would post "Bruce" sightings with his wife, etc.

As I have also written, the phrase, "you're obsessed with him" kept repeating and I recognized this as a programming trigger, as well.

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