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The sociopaths on his UNOFFICIAL site (same as his official site) are rampant.

They completely lack empathy for outsiders, those with differing political opinions; those who they try to control due to past history, such as myself.

The men are quite strange with their infatuation of Bruce and their exchanges with one another at times.

Their "corny" communication with each other is just that because it's just so sweet and way over the top. FAKE! They're trying way too hard because, in reality, they're sadistic.

Check out the area where the fans post and don't discuss politics. If they hear a "Bruce" song at a Home Depot store, they report it in a thread.


Anway, one of the posters referred to the most sane one there who isn't connected to the pack as a sociopath. This person is attacked endlessly for no other reason then having a difference of opinion (cult-like behavior); you know, you have to think like them.

At one point, DNA, Springsteen's life-long friend, said that HolyGhost was an MPD screaming to get out.

I forgot about Seth Ruffer. He was another poster on the UNOFFICIAL site. I was was talking to my daughter about how we felt like our hair was falling out and he came on the site and posted a thread similar to this.

You know, the listening in thing, again!

He was said something like, you know, us baby killers in another thread.

He also posted something very strange about Father's Day.

Something about his family not getting him anything for father's day so he chopped them all up into little pieces and buried them under the compost heap behind the garage.
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