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The "alter" MARY, destructive, was suppose to be the entity who was programmed against HIM after I returned from a Witness Protection Program which we know, of course, did not protect me.

The lyrics, "Mary, don't run back inside, you know what I'm here for" speak to this disinformation.

Wendy was ERASED and Mary took her place to keep me away from him.

Somehow, this Mary poster on his site was to play this role.

There was also a poster who was on the site before I arrived; Angelina. There was alot of arguing with her amongst the other posters.

She, too, was suppose to play some role from my past as well.

Mary6742 once asked me if she was the Mary I was referring to.

RIGHT! Why, you're one of my alters!!!!

Donnap once said, "now you're going to get a taste of your own medicine." Hence, the "RightWingLounge" was created and sexual programming triggered to its' height.

I'm sure when Hard2baSaint asked what Bruce music I had on my stereo, this was to suggest that I start listening to his music.

At that point, I had two of his CD's but never listened.

As far as the tapes. Well, I remember I kept telling my PROTECTORS that I just couldn't do it. Get me out. I just couldn't go back again, but I had to get HIM/THEM on tape.

The only way they could get me out. Yes, there is other evidence, but this was to put the "nail in the coffin," so to speak.

I so here myself repeating, "I can't go back. I can't ever go back. I can't see him."

Of course, they were not trying to be cruel. If not for their explanations, their insight, their knowledge way back then about this "satanic cult," I would not be where I am tody.
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