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Donnap once said, "now you're going to get a taste of your own medicine." Hence, the "RightWingLounge" was created and sexual programming triggered to its' height.

Also for some reason, I was triggered to check my mailbox. I did and she made a comment about it.

Donnap also said there was GPS on my car and once after I came back from the store a comment was made about the baggy shorts I was wearing.

I'm sure when Hard2baSaint asked what Bruce music I had on my stereo, his was to suggest that I start listening to his music.

At that point, I had two of his CD's but never listened.

I bought his CDs and listened as they wanted me to do cause I never paid attention to him and his music and all his music did was depress me and alter my state of consciousness as they wanted.

I've thrown them all out!

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