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Two other posters:

Johnny Canuck; for some reason this name repeats and YouandmeFrank. YouandmeFrank asked if I remembered "Jaboulah."

I continue to have the same memory and "brilliant disguise" might speak to this, as well.

I'm in a room and there are men around me. I'm on a bed. They are trying to "extract" information. Who did I talk to, what do I know? This may be the place I was convinced to go to by HIM for protection and thought that he was not present.

However, I know he is there. He is outside the room. The door is closed. I scream his name. Why are you letting them do this to me? Make them stop. You said they wouldn't hurt me. You said it was safe.

So, at this point, I know that I can't give them information. They are the ENEMY.

But, also remember that I was trained in the "art of extraction." Whether they used me in this role for sexual reasons involving diplomats, etc., this could be a possibility. But, I also learned to use this TOOL against them.

If he was there, and I believe that he was, he would come in and shout, stop doing this to her, playing the protector role, but in some sense acting as if he had been tricked.

So, no, there wasn't anyone who brilliantly disguised themselves as you.


"I met you on somebody's island, you thought I was somebody else. I brought you a crate of papaya's....." Stevie Winwood?
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