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Default Re: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

I read your opening paragraph and I don't have to read anymore. You sum it up quite nicely.

The people, as we can see, are powerless. If Congress can't and won't put the brakes on this criminal cabal, who can?

Congress doesn't represent the will of the people, they've clearly demonstrated this. They represent the will of the "secret government." The Illuminists, the wealthy elites, the "satanic cult." Wall Street, Corporate America, etc., etc., etc. For the most part, they are cut from the same cloth. Those who aren't will never OCCUPY the White House.

Yes, I've had enough. How 'bout you?

I've had enough watching our soldiers return home in body bags. I've had enough watching the wounded return to disgusting facilities and care. I've had enough watching these "criminals" use our men and women to fight their "dirty" wars.

The CONSTITUTION, my friends, to them has always been null and void. They reference it when they want to tug at our heart strings.

They STEP all over it!!!

Without oversight or approval from anyone, the Secret Government, makes their own laws, their own rules which they don't follow, but tell us TO. They form committees, such as the PNAC, CFR and design and build THEIR blueprint for America and not OUR blueprint for America.

They have RAPED AMERICA and the rest of the world. Should they be allowed to continue thier rampage, their carnage?

I've had enough? How 'bout you?
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