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Does this line from one of Springsteen's songs play into the "cult's" warning, "you better be careful what you wish for:

Oh, Bobby, oh, Bobby, don't you know that with every wish there comes a curse."

You know, Springsteen said it, so it must be true.

While on his OFFICIAL site, Vast would post "blank" comments. This was ongoing for quite some time. Freedomfighter said to him, "you committed perfidy; suffer in silence." Of course, this was a "trigger."

In the cult, "you are to suffer in silence." No tears were allowed. Crying wasn't allowed.

Red once commented to me that "I was a glutten for punishment."

I think coffee was a trigger for the "voices."

This was mentioned to be by someone I was emailing (not a poster from his site). Vast, one morning, posted, "Coffee?" That was about it. Just "Coffee?"

Now, onto Springsteen's song, "Rosalita."

Who is this Rosie? Who is this Wendy?

Well, you guessed it.

How 'bout this line from the song where he blurts out:

"The record company, Rosie, they just offered me a deal."

Yes, this song plays into the "your mamma didn't like me cause I played in a rock and roll band and your Daddy, well your Daddy, he never did understand."

False information. As I said, my parents were counting on me to get them out of the POOR HOUSE.
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