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redrat11 wrote:
Conspiracy Theories...

Excuse me...But not every "conspiracy theory" is real, or somewhat real, it's those theories that 'entertain' me, not the real ones that I post.

Excuse me, but I didn't refer to conspiracy theories as all being real.

And since when does a person who finds those theories entertaining, have to be concerned about what you or anyone else thinks?

You don't.

If it's your theories that you think I'm reffering to, you would be WRONG! I find your views and theories real and informative, however it's mine that I think you need to think about more seriously, I have nothing to prove to anyone, not you or Makow.

I wasn't referring to theories. So I have no idea where all this is coming from. I have nothing to prove to anyone either and I never indicated you needed to prove yourself, either. I have no idea why you think I should take your views more seriously. How much more seriously? I mean, do you truly know how seriously I take your views anyway?

Now lighten up, laugh at the INSANE WORLD,and the human cesspool that's runs's become what it is because of a few DRUNKEN IDIOTS with too much time on their hands.(the usual suspects.)An idle mind is the DEVILS PLAYGROUND i'm told.

I don't laugh at an INSANE world and I don't lighten up because some stranger on the internet suggests it.

As I've stated, I am here regarding serious matters. They are not to be taken lightly.

The only person I lighten up for is my husband.

A few drunken idiots? That's why I don't take your views seriously.

Really? An idle mind is the Devil's playground. You better get busy.

Of course you can SOB all night and day if you wish about this or that in the world, what will that do to your well being? ANSWER: NOTHING!

What are you talking about? Sobbing? Well-being?? Is this what you do?

What really can a individual citizen do to change the course of history? I've stated many times before the PLAN will move forward regardless of what you think or others do!

Your entitled to your own opinion even if it's wrong.

What you need to learn is that GOD, the Christian GOD of the Holy BIBLE is ultimately in charge of this world, And I sincerly doubt he wants his people to live life worrying about the powers that be, the future, LIVE LIFE NOW! CHERISH WHATEVER YOU HAVE, LOVE YOUR FAMILY, or at least try, Ther'es not a damm thing you or I will do or say to change this present situation.
try to RELAX, it really is beneficial for the soul.

Really, RR, I should love my family, or at least try. Gee, thanks for all your advice. I don't know what I'd do without you.

WOW, did I write all that? :-o

Don't be too flattered by yourself. It wasn't that good.
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