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BlueAngel wrote:
And, yet another reason:

RedRat said referring to GOD:

"And I sincerely doubt he wants his people to live life worrying about the powers that be, the future, LIVE LIFE NOW! CHERISH WHATEVER YOU HAVE, LOVE YOUR FAMILY, or at least try, There's not a damn thing you or I will do or say to change this present situation. try to RELAX, it really is beneficial for the soul.

He continues by giving me advice as if this is the Dr. Phil show or something.

You've made my point!

Conspiracy Theories...

It seems that we all forgot this year about the fact that someone is always sacrificed within two weeks of the Bilderburg meeting.

This year, two highly important figures in the world game of cat and mouse power plays that the financial and Royal bloodline elite partake in against each other have passed within two weeks of the Builderburg meeting.

The two people on this years hit list were considered by many to be the top leaders of their respective clans, or factions as we call them here at Rumor Mill News.

Guy de Rothschild passed on June 12th and Kurt Waldheim passed on June 14th of 2007.

The Builderburg meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey May 31-June 3, 2007.

I am going to have much to say about this in the coming days and weeks however for now I want to focus on the question that Rayelan asked in this post below...

Here is what she said....

"I just heard the news about a kidnapped pregnant woman who is about to give birth any moment.
I can't help but remember Laci Peterson. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, I will always believe that she was kidnapped to be a satanic sacrifice.

I believe this newly kidnapped woman was also kidnapped for that reason.

Does anyone who knows about these ritual dates have time to research what is about to happen?"

I include this here because I think that the deaths of Rothschild and Waldheim are connected to the disappearance of the Ohio pregnant woman.

Her name is Jessie Davis she is nine months pregnant and due any day.

Jessie means "Jehovah exists"
Davis is a form of DAVID and means "of the house of David"

Kurt Waldheim was born on the winter solstice December 21st, 1918.

Winter Solstice is the darkest of nights and those that celebrate it believe that the Goddess becomes the Great Mother and once again gives birth to the Sun God.

So essentially Waldheim was a looked at by those in the elite circles as a Sun God.

Both of these men died just days from the Summer Solstice and they are both going to be buried on the Solstice this year.

Rothschild is buried on the modern solstice day of June 21st and Waldheim on the ancient pagan solstice day of June 23rd which is known as Midsummers eve, as the ancient solstice day is June 24th and called Midsummers day.

On December 21st, the winter solstice, they believe the Sun God is born as the solstice is the coldest, darkest day of the year so from that day forward the sun will grow stronger and stronger until it is full grown in the summer.

They believe the exact opposite about the summer solstice, the SUN GOD dies, as from that point on the sun gets weaker and weaker until winter sets in.

So it is highly symbolic that the TWO Sun God figures have just died, being that the summer solstice marked the time when the sun would then begin diminishing, itís presence less and less felt from that day forward, essentially dying.

It was traditional to preform a ritual sacrifice on on the Summer Solstice to empower the Suns return on the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st or symbolically to empower the birth of the coming Son God.

Considering the fact that both of our recently passed "Sun God" figures are being buried on precisely the day that is celebrated because it is believed that the sun god has died, coupled with the fact that they perform ritual sacrifices on that day, fire sacrifices to ensure the coming Sun Gods successful birth, I find it very interesting that this missing PREGNANT womans name literally means...

"Jehovah exists in the House of David"

Jehovah (SUN GOD)
in the house of David (OF THE BLOODLINE)

This I feel is advertising that HE IS RISEN, he is RETURNED, HE is COMING. But don't get too excited, I don't believe they mean the GOOD GUY, I think they are saying that their bloodline ruler, sun god is coming and soon.

This gets especially more interesting when you consider the "LAST WORDS" of Kurt Waldheim. If you did not see that article then I will summarize it.

Kurt Waldheim left a message for the world while on his death bed, it was entitled "THE LAST WORD"

It is believed that he left a code message in there for his group of followers.

It turns out that the code was contained in the "LAST WORD" of the statement.

So what message did this SUN GOD figure leave to his group as a clue of what was coming?

The last word when translated from German to English was...


The man born on the day that SUN GODS are born who is being buried on the day that SUN GODS die left a coded message in his dying statement which was titled "THE LAST WORD" the message was found contained in the LAST WORD of that statement and the message was that the SUN GOD "LIVES ON"!

And now, we have a missing PREGNANT woman, who's name is coded to tell us that the child, the new SUN GOD, the bloodline coming king of the world is being BIRTHED.

Jehovah exists in the house of David... the Sun God lives on!


There's more, it will be coming soon.


You see what I mean???
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