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What's with this verse from a Springsteen line:

Follow that dream
wherever it may lead
Come on, follow that dream
to find the love you need

Are his fans in such a suggestible state after being subjected to his "mind control" tactics for so long that they actually dream about him, find the love they need through infatuation with him, don't see through clear but cloudy vision?

Since when do you find LOVE in a dream?

Love exists in reality, DUH!!

Follow a dream wherever it may lead!!

No, thanks!!

I walk with my eyes open and my lips don't remain sealed cause I'm livin' in the real world and not a dream.

Doesn't he have another line in a song something like:

"Follow that dream down."

Geez, if you tell someone they're dreaming for decades, they just might be placed in a "dream world" that circles around him.

Talk about his fans being sucked out of reality and into this world.

Talk about sucking the life out of people.

Like I said, "Soul suckers."
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