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While you're there X-men, pay attention to the "fine print."

Proves that the walls "still have ears."

When I first arrived at Springsteen's official site, there was one particular member with opposing viewpoints of the "cult."

Not that he is a Republican or Democrat, just that, like me, he understands that both parties are corrupt.

When he arrived on the scene, there was an attack on him.

I kind of sat idly by watching because the posters there seemed to know him.

I, on the otherhand, wasn't familiar with him.

I'm certain they were attempting to "brainwash" me against him because their view is that Republicans are responsible for everything and Democrats are going to save America.

As I've stated previously, I AM CERTAIN that there were those present on Springsteen's OFFICIAL site who knew me from the past and/or knew of me.

This is why I have not named them. They were not mind controllers and/or abusers from my past and played no role in the "covert operation" that the OTHERS were involved in with respect to ME.

There was one poster who reminded me of the constitution when I was in emotional distress, believing the lies, and this, my friend, helped me immensely. THANK YOU!!

Because, as you know, I was forced into a horrible situation, but I took an oath, a vow and a pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and not a "satanic cult."


Blue also known later as *** said at one point, "soldier dismissed." At that time, I was believing the lies and knew this was directed at me. I'm sure, although I was believing the lies about Springsteen's role in my past, I was also recalling information about Cheney, Bush, Sr., Kerry and other matters, that this "player" was attempting to command me into dismissal.

Very strange character. Spoke in "broken English" or code or some other dialect. MadisonMel referred to him as one of the "elders" of the group.

Springsteen once said at one of his shows something like:

"may the truth out."

I assure you, it will.

But, remember, with every wish there comes a curse.
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