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Referring back to the jealousy "suggestion," the "gay" suggestion as it was to pertain to my husband, but, of course, doesn't.

We know the jealousy suggestion was implemented for their purposes and didn't work.

When you know what someone is, and I've explained my opinion from past knowledge and present contact, no need to repeat the words, JEALOUSY could and would never present.

It is really strange that anyone would want someone to be jealous over them; about them even if they weren't sadistic.

But they are, hence the reason.

I don't get it.

I mean, why would someone waste their time even thinking this is the case? Why would they want another person to be jealous over them? What effect would this have?

To attract them back? I guess that's all I can come up with, cause there isn't any other explanation and I don't KNOW JEALOUSY. IT is not a friend of mine.

Besides, there isn't anything to be jealous about. What? Should I be jealous that he's married and I'm not being psychologically, emotionally and mentally abused? Is that what I should be jealous about?

My husband certainly doesn't spend time trying or suggesting that I'm jealous about him and any contact he may have with other women professionally.

But, again, when I was released into the world, FREED by my PROTECTORS, I was still subconsciously living, to a certain degree, the "triggers" they installed.

So, when I first married, I was jealous of any contact my husband had with women. Afterall, he is very sexy and good-looking, kind hearted, but that wasn't me. I know he is not this type of a man!! PERIOD!!

So, then there are the words that repeat. "Do you know how many women he has been with?" How many girls; how many affairs. If you stray once, you'll most likely always stray.

Of course, this doesn't refer to my husband.

Do you think he would ever or could ever be faithful?

He can't keep his you know what in his pants.

Sex maniac!

That, too, is an illness.
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