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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

I would like on occasion to see a complete analysis of a provocative topic like Hitler, instead of a one sided and willfully blind one. It's a logical thing, and perhaps that Hegelian dialectic, that just because the forces of NWO/Zionism/US are provably at fault does not mean that the forces of (NWO)/Communism/Russia etc. are not also. In other words: just because Zionism has caused so many problems does not mean that Hitler was a nice guy. You don't have to take sides between these choices. And I don't know which side to put Nazi Germany at the moment because in reality the NWO bankers seemed to be orchestrating WWII anyway.

Possibly Einstein was a one worlder from the beginning. He had a somewhat sensitive position as a patent clerk so he could have been used for infiltration purposes and his 'scientific' career as a foil to take credit and build up the dummy. It worked. How many dummies are walking around today changing our world for the worse?
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