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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

Every wave in the Universe propagates through a "medium", except -- of course -- light, which according to Einstein needs no such "ether" to broker its transmission.

An increasing number of phycisists are slowly beginning to reevaluate whether or not "ether" is a real thing.. Here some interesting thoughts:

(*) there really is an ether, but the reason Michelson & Morley didn't detect in 1887 was b/c it's proportion to the gravitational field (perhaps, it *is* the gravitational field).

If this is the case, then the famous "light-bending" properties of heavy objects (like stars) would be very easily explained, and we wouldn't need the framework of general relativity..

Another famous "confirmation" of general relativity was the "advance" in Mercury's perihelon is it orbits around the Sun.

FACT: The identical equations (describing the motion of Mercury) which Einstein arrived at (vis-a-vis) general relativity) were derived 17 years prior to Einstein by a man named Paul Gerber. Gerber had made one very simple assumption to arrive at his equations: gravity propagates at the speed of light!

Consider for a moment the sophistry of Einstein's relativity: one the one hand, it tells us that nothing in the universe can move faster than light, but then it tells us that gravity propagates w/ infinite velocity(!)

If we assume gravity propagates w/ the velocity of light (<- a much more sane postulate), then we derive explanations for all the "phenomena" which Einstein claims to have "explained" w/ relativity.. 8-)
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