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Default Re: How-to Video - How to avoid hiring an American

Barbara wrote:

Bill Clinton held tax-payer funded seminars to teach corporations how to offshore. India was one of his favorite places.

Forget learning to say "Do you want fries with that?" Those good-paying jobs are already taken.

And to think, this has been going on for what, at least 50 years, I read somewhere that the (shitheads) globalists planned to "sacrifice" over 50 million good-paying jobs of all sorts, both professional and blue-collar. The real agenda is of course obliterating all economic freedom, if it still exist (probably not) and national borders (free trade).

I remember writing in the LETTER TO THE EDITOR section of my small town newspaper about this 10 years ago,(almost over 50 times) as well as the global conspiracy to destroy the U.S., and as usual the general citizenry and the Morons in the "journalism" trade shrug it off as 'CONSPIRACY NON-SENSE', this is why America will be destroyed from within, because the average American is completely been diss-assembled from reality, give them beer and sports, porno, and drugs, and they could give a shit about the future course of the country!

Meanwhile the RED-CHINESE are laughing their GOOK-ASSES all the way to the bank, not to mention the JOOZE who control America, but as fate would have it, they can only have so much power, their ultimate goal will never be achieved.
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