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Default Re: Fighting the fight!

At least my husband doesn't think I'm nuts. In fact he asks me about certain things, and sometimes we discuss what's going on.

My mother, who lives in Michigan, also believes me. Turns out we were finding out this kind of info at about the same time! She voted for Kerry, though--and after she'd told me she'd vote for Peroutka! She was of the anyone-but-Bush camp (while here in Ohio everyone was like anyone-but-Kerry). I'm of the no-one-but-Constitution-Party camp! LOL

BTW the Constitution Party, in their platform, states that they are against the NWO. They believe in maintaining our sovereignty, and are against the Iraq war and all this other crap going on. In fact, there was a third-party candidate debate at Cornell this past October, and I caught it on C-Span. They had the candidates from the Constitution, Green (hippie!), Socialist (hey, we already have the two "major parties!), and Libertarian Parties.

Peroutka, the CP candidate, pointed out that they had the Patriot Act travesty ready to go when 9/11 happened. He knows something's up.
Don\'t blame me, I voted for Peroutka (Constitution Party)!
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