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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

I'm tolerant of a lot of what most would consider fringe ideas but this is just silly. In order for us to have credibility on this forum posts like these should be deleted or at least frowned upon my the admin. Davai man !! High School Pyshics!!! The theory of Gravity fits. We're in no position to shake pillars as deep as the frickin theory of gravity and models of astrophysics. And we can do little more than throw out the dead end reality of different perspectives. That said... heck anything is possible and it is a THEORY of gravity but there are many more important and tangible topics. In response to the Mohammadan (I apologize I just love using that), there is a lot of extraordinary information and interesting models going on in the Koran and lesser books of Mohammadanism and they are valid points to study. The jump from valid to the supreme complete and final word of god, God, or that charlatan Yahwe is insubstantiated.
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Also anyone out there know about this... I read somewhere in the Koran or Hadiths that only god will ever know the gender of a fetus in the womb but now we can ?? Anyone know the source of this so I can quote it to my Mohammadan friends?
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