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Default Please Explain How Rush Doony's "The Earth Is Not Moving", Got 141 Replies and 1400 Views?

I am truly humbled.

I try to write and post to interesting things. Things that matter. To me anyway.

Then along comes Rush with the theory the Earth is'nt moving and the crowd just keeps on getting bigger.

I am impressed. How do you do it Rush?

I hav'nt read any but just to add my 2 bob's worth in...

Do 150km/hr in your car Rush and then jump out of your seat a few inches.

You'll notice you dont end up out the back window.

Rush you are insane.

Will the people who constantly harp i'm a spy please cease and desist.

Your 'well spoiler' is right here.

Lord have mercy Rush.

I hope for your sake you are a amature/professional 'well poisoner' coz if you're not...well...look out for people in white with big butterfly nets.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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