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BlueAngel wrote:
RedRat said:

So let me get this straight, you post information about a SATANIC WEBSITE, you then say that the website does'nt exist,

As you may have realized, Henry Makow writes extensively about the "satanic cult." SO, posting information about THEIR disgusting holidays is to enlighten people as to their DISGUSTING RITUALS. I didn't say the website doesn't exist. This is what it said at the website. I wonder if there is a reason it doesn't exist any longer. You, RedRat, or anyone, for that matter, can google the internet and find plenty of websites that exist with information about their DISGUSTING RITUALS.

And just why would you copy a disgusting website like that? Just like you go to filthy websites of the Music Satanic Singers (Bruce Springsteen), your really not being truthful BA.

I've answered that question in my comment above. I would agree that Springsteen's website is filthy. However, I don't go to MUSICIAN's websites. And, yes, you are right, they are Satanic singers. It is not I, RedRat, who is not being truthful. IT is you.
What exactly am I not being truthful about? I'm simply trying to make sense of what I read here, your explanation was helpful. although I personally try to avoid SATANIC WEBSITES like that, regardless of how much information a person wants to learn.
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