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Default Re: How can the robotic spy Truebeliever criticize what it has not read?

Oh Rush. You poor persecuted lamb.

Spies? O.K.

I work for the KGB.
I am agent MOM.

It is my sacred duty, to report to the Kremlin those dangerous conspirators found at Club Conspiracy - a terrorist cell that has sprung up through the clever writing of its dasterdous leader - none other than the evil Dr. Henry.

They plot and they plan. I cut and paste their coded messages into a beautiful scapbook. Putin lands his helicopter on my building once a week, after flying his private jet under the radar, to be bring me new stick-ons and labels and other fancy bits.

He likes his spy documents collected up all neat and pretty.

Spies? O.K.


BTW this is fiction, for those who don't understand.
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