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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving !!!


What I will write here I hope can Enlighten the subject at hand a bit. (Is the Earth Moving?)

To answer that question a person first has to have some sort of rational thought based on the visible perceptions we see around us daily.

Im not a theologian nor a scientist, however both of those professions, I doubt could answer the subject at hand with clarity. (except possibly the original creator of the website The Earth is Not Moving.)

Here's what I'm trying to convey, When a Prosecutor/Lawyer prepares a case let's say against a thief,(just for argument's sake here.)

Does not the Prosecutor professionally prepare and document a CASE against the defendant? This means getting eyewitnesses, incriminating evidence, motive, and other necessary documentation to PROVE the case.

Now take that analogy and transfer it to our reality around us, (the world at hand) depending on your beliefs (GOD or no GOD) does not this world at hand lead you to believe that something is very, very, not right? And I don't mean to say that GOD (which I believe exist as the creator of this world) is responsible for the conditions of this world today. What I mean to convey is that the world as we see it, is and has been TEMPORARILY overtaken by Rebellious Angels led by Satan/Lucifer if you will.

Those who deny that GOD exist will say that Man is ultimate ruler, that humanity can do better without a "GOD," to those I say NO!

Therefore a person who believes in GOD can easily come to a conclusion that the Whole world is being manipulated, How else can you explain all the Evil in the world? And what does this have to do with wether the Earth is Moving or not?

Answer: It has everything to do with trusting the truth, the GOD of the Bible, the CREATOR of the world, thus as the subject of the Earth and whether it is moving or not becomes very clear, and as you read more and more into the conspiracy to "dethrone" the GOD of the BIBLE, and his very words, then everything begins to make more and more sense.

That is why I personally don't believe anything the scientific community, nor the "controlled-religous establishment" has to say on this subject, and as far as the perceptions of everybody on this subject, I say it depends on your personal belief system, DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT THIS WORLD SATANIC SYSTEM (Remember Temporary Satanic System) ask's you to believe? I don't, I believe what the GOD of the Bible says, and of course there are many "Satanic Versions" and "Satanic Religions" who claim to be GOD followers, however it is up to the individual to find the truth out there somewhere. :-o

The truth is here!

read it!
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