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Default Re: Please Explain How Rush Doony's "The Earth Is Not Moving", Got 141 Replies and 1400 Views?


It's an unusual topic to say the least. There are some very witty comments on that thread and some very nasty ones to. All in all, it makes for quite an interesting giggle!

I like to read the comments people make to Loony. They are usually almost always interesting.

Loony has finally found two folks who agree with him in all those readers of that thread. What does that say?

He is onto something big or that folks like to read that thread becuase lots of other folks have been noted to read that thread.

In honesty... I read the first couple of lengthy posts which I do not believe were the personal written creation of Rush. When I didn't see the point of reading any more, I stopped and I still always go back to read it if someone other than Rush has made a comment.


The interesting thing to be noted is that Rush will constantly re-post this thread back to the home page, when no one responds to his theory. Many of the posts on that thread are Rush, Rush, Rush, whoever, Rush, Rush, whoever. There is also a lot of replication in the posts.

Don't know if that helps and that's my perspective.

Let him spin in his own world - he can't debate, he can only chuck nasty unfounded comments.

Not so impressive now, eh.
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