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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving !!!

BlueAngel wrote:
Let's assume that the earth is stationary.

Let's assume that the sun revolves around the Earth.

Let's assume this hypothosis and continue from there.

Why is it so distressing to some people when a certain truth is challenged?

Have our minds become programmed to accept that everything we have been taught from the cradle is written in stone?

Have our critical thinking abilities been squashed?

Why would some people become UPSET/outraged because the theory that the Earth rotates on its' axis and circles the sun has been described by some as untrue?

Would it be the first time that facts have been distorted?

Will it be the last time?

So, with that said, if the Earth is stationary, I have one question.

Is Planet Earth suspended in mid-air?
Let's just assume that you are an idiot whose only credibility is the sheer volume of dribble that you post.

What you post is utter rubbish.
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