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Default Re: Concentration camps in USA?

It'll be the NWO bastards who find themselves living in those human pens. They are digging their own grave in planning to incarcerate their own society in such known inhumane conditions as were witnessed by many nationalities during WW2 and WW1.

God don't like ugly!

The worm is gonna turn! Too many people know too much and will stand up if necssary.

These are Hollywood production scare tactics to keep the sheeple in fear. Sure, They'd like to use them and that would surely be their wildest dreams and the people would have to go willingly - NOT!

This sick social experiment called socialism/communism/nazism = feudalism has got to end.

Don't be scared. Liars will always back down when faced with the truth. More people are standing up and shouting the truth, especially where crimes against the world's children are concerned.

North American children are being denied an education and served up an indoctrination. Classic example. If denying a child the right to an education somehow serves society, will someone please inform me. If that isn't the adults abusing the power over the children of a nations future, I don't know what is.

Isn't that what was once done to the black slaves children. They were not allowed to learn.

Are we truly slaves to society and will we march off to the pen when told to?

WE, the people, have more power than we have yet realized. Unity is what is needed. A unity created of individuals focused on a common thought - achieving peace, as groovy as it sounds. I have peace in my life and I try and spread how I do it - hope and faith and hard work.

Spreading the truth will help achieve peace. Understanding the truth will help achieve peace.

Questioning the truth will help achieve peace.

Living, individually, by a good moral code will help achieve peace.

Appreciating individuality will help achieve peace. My two cents.
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