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Default Re: Chemical Contrails over California?

I see them here all the time. Pinellas County Florida. MacDill Airforce Base is just about 10 miles from here. Two nights ago, I looked up at the sky and those chemtrails stood out like an elephant in a living room. Some people claim to have been taken ill, as though they have an allery/flu. Plus, get this, I see something do a few zig-zags. Very quick, definitly not a plane, not a helicopter, object was not clear, then it proceeded to move on like an airplane would, in a straight path. Plus, on certain nights right here in Seminole, Florida we have helicopters circling about, not looking for an escapee, but trying out the lastest gizmos for 'detection' testing. Much of this is becoming public knowledge, its no biggie because technology is always moving on. So its just the latest thing. But the chemtrails have a different story/agenda. Different opinions out there.
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