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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving !!!

An appropiate 'sentence' for todays "heretics" Zionists and New Agers!


Read this..

Two other Italian scientists of the time, Galileo and Bruno, embraced the Copernican theory unreservedly and as a result suffered much personal injury at the hands of the powerful church inquisitors. Giordano Bruno had the audacity to even go beyond Copernicus, and, dared to suggest, that space was boundless and that the sun was and its planets were but one of any number of similar systems: Why! -- there even might be other inhabited worlds with rational beings equal or possibly superior to ourselves. For such blasphemy, Bruno was tried before the Inquisition, condemned and burned at the stake in 1600. Galileo was brought forward in 1633, and, there, in front of his "betters," he was, under the threat of torture and death, forced to his knees to renounce all belief in Copernican theories, and was thereafter sentenced to imprisonment for the remainder of his days.

The most important aspect of Copernicus' work is that it forever changed the place of man in the cosmos; no longer could man legitimately think his significance greater than his fellow creatures; with Copernicus' work, man could now take his place among that which exists all about him, and not of necessity take that premier position which had been assigned immodestly to him by the theologians.


You can choose to believe Satanist that bombard your mind with NEW AGE NON-SENSE, or believe in the KING JAMES BIBLE as the final authority! R AND S are freemasons no doubt...Mankind will NEVER achieve GODHOOD, never has, never will, PERIOD! try all you want, you will acknowledge him on your deathbed! 8-)
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