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Default Re: Please Explain How Rush Doony's "The Earth Is Not Moving", Got 141 Replies and 1400 Views?


i think the real message Rushdooney is trying to throw is that:

"things maybe aint the way, they look like"

Please ask yourself:
- Have you ever been in space?
- Have you ever seen the earth from space?
We accept far too many things *they* tell us, without actually knowing the way it really is.
- Have you ever seen the "civil war"?
- Do you believe, we have been on the moon, only because TV (NASA) said so?

My point here is, that we ACCEPT things other people tell us, and cause mankind doesnt have any knowledge - IT IS TRUE!

Dont get me wrong, I also think the earth is spinning, but truth is - i dont really know. And even if I see it with my own eyes, would I believe my own eyes?

Anyway, even if you are right and Rush wrong, this dont give you the right to say:
Rush you are insane.
And Mary,
you said:
Back to... Who am I to judge?
I am still learning not to judge and it is hard.

*I* think both of you (and others) judge here and you are far too busy to tell Rush "he is wrong", then rather give any **PROOVE** that "he is really wrong" (without being judge)

Actually, truebeliever, only because everyone was trying to tell Rush - he is insane - and not give any scientific proove to his statement, his post got so much replies.

- the above stated is my own opinion -
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