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Default Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

Rather than saying "A satanic criminal cabal controls the US government and thanks to the mass media, masquerades as the defender of God and freedom.",I would say "a satanic cabal WAS CONTROLLING the US govt... through the so-called neo-cons political lever. As a result, the USA are now trapped in the Iraqi war from which they are trying to get out.

Many of the "neo-cons" pretend to be Jews but they did not work really for Israel. Fundamentally, they represent the interests of cabbalist billionnaires who are planning to get rid of all sovereign nations (at this
very moment Ukrain) in order to establish a feudal-cabbalist NWO entirely under the control of the giant trusts they already own. The USA were used by them to destroy the Iraqi sovereignty in order to, PRINCIPALLY:

1. Close the Iraqi oil taps in direction of China, Russia, France and Germany which must be economically weakened since they are opposing the feudal-cabbalist NWO.
2. Involve the USA in a UN opposed dirty war which would give strong arguments to politically empower this UN (and its NATO sheriff forces)
already controlled by the NWO planners. Did you notice that the UN opposed the Iraqi war for so-called humanist reasons while it did nothing to oppose the Rwanda genocide (more than two million civilians slaughtered)? The final objective of this involvement is to destroy the US sovereignty by making it appear publicly as a danger for the world peace.

For short-term reasons of economical war, the US govt was agreeing on depriving China, Russia, France and Germany from the Iraqi oil but did not take in account the medium/long-term danger of the Iraqi war for the US sovereignty itself.

This plan was having a second shutter: Iran. Exactly for the same reasons than for Iraq, the cabbalist billionnaires wish to destroy the Iran`s sovereignty too, with a little help of their first enemy the still sovereign USA. If I am right in stating that G. Bush is no longer on
the wrong side, the USA will not attack Iran. If G. Bush is still on the wrong side, then God save us from the feudal-cabbalist NWO.

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