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This is a Pentagram, a sign of Wicca and other Witches from around the world.

IT IS NOT EVIL! The point is up, indicating the Soul or Spirit and the other points are Earth, Air, Fire and Water, all controlled by the Spirit.

The "Devil Worshippers" use a Pentagram with the point DOWN! This way, it represents the body and material goods being in control of the Spirit; not a good thing.

Wiccans and Witches are nature loving and gentle people and wouldn't hurt anyone, let alone an animal. We try to be good people at all times, but, yes, there are a few that call themselves "Witches" but do horrible things. Real Witches don't even believe in the Devil or Hell; Those are Christian concepts that we don't subscribe too. That gives the rest of us normal nice Witches a very bad name.

This symbol is used for good; it represents balance and peace. :-D

Try not to let your paranoia get the better of you before you know all the facts. :-D :-D
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