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fortean wrote:
No the person who posted the picture is a person that is trying to convince peopl that all Pagans are evil. I seriously doubt that he/she is a Pagan and as for people being paranoid, he/she needs to get a grip and calm down before his/her head explodes from thinking to hard about the "devil worshippers". In other words, I was talking about the post-er.
First of all, the disgusting pig who posted this symbol never mentioned the word PAGAN.

His agenda here was not to convince anyone of what you claim.

If you claim this was his agenda, how then do you know this?

You viewed the pictures IT posted and came to this conclusion?

Lucky guess???

Funny, you seem to know what his/her problem is. Also quite interesting that you show up hours after IT departs.

Were you tailing it?

You know alot about this poster.

You know that IT is thinking too hard about the "devil worshippers."

So, there are "devil worshippers," are there?

Why don't you tell US about these devil worshippers.
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