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Default The best image of God is the sun

The best image of God is the sun

The best image of God is the sun, dispenser of life, light and warmth. Only the life, light and warmth of the sun can give us a true idea of what power, wisdom and divine love really are. It is up to us now to enter into a relationship with this power, this wisdom and this love, and we can do so by means of our hope, our love and our faith. I will give you an exercise. Slowly recite the following prayer, concentrating on every word:

"Lord, I love your wisdom, I believe in your love, I have hope in your power."

"Lord, I love your wisdom..." - Our heart is full of warmth and fervour, but it lacks discernment and measure. For this reason it must seek wisdom.

"I believe in your love..." - We need to believe in love, and because God's love is the foundation of the universe, it is in him and him alone that we can believe absolutely.

"I have hope in your power..." - We can count only on God's omnipotence, because it alone is stable and immutable.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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