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Default Can the Sufi Way be Pursued in the Anti-Islamic West?

Can the Sufi Way be Pursued in the Anti-Islamic West?

An Interview with Qutub Sarmouni

I have been reading books on Yoga, Zen, Occultism and the Sufis for some years now. I have often found myself returning to the books of Idries Shah in particular, for it has always seemed to me that the Naqshbandhi Order of Sufis has something very important in it that is neglected by a certain kind of prejudice and blindness in virtually all other traditional systems even within the other Dervish Orders. Yet I am reluctant as a Westerner to become involved with Sufis personally for fear of being persecuted for association with Muslims, who are all under suspicion of being violently fanatic. How can I benefit from the Sufi way in this political atmosphere?

Qutub Sarmouni:
On the surface, it appears that you are blocked off by prevailing circumstances. In the depths, however, you have an access that your inner being is already utilizing and where you are inwardly a member of a Sufi circle. It is your deeper, invisible Self that is already on the Sufi Way while your outer, visible self as a member of a reactive and oppressive society experiences fear and reluctance in these matters. Your task right now is to become more awake in your deeper, more real Self where the principles of Sufi learning are effective for you without causing your outer everyday self to disturb the mechanism of surrounding society. “The Secret Knows How To Protect Itself”, to paraphrase an old saying.

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