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Default Re: Some of the Missing 'Family Jewels'

Information about MKULTRA is important in whatever context it is presented.

However, WE know that public knowledge as to their experimentation with LSD and other drugs at brothel houses and on their own agents is only the tip of the iceberg.

We know that cases were settled in Canada and gag orders placed on the victims.

We know CLINTON acknowledged experimenting on unwitting victims.

WE know Colby was most probably killed and he acknowledged Project Monarch.

Again, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We know there are mind control victims/survivors who have written books.

WE know about John DeCamp's investigation into The Franklin Cover-up.

We know there was an article about prostitutes in the White House during Bush, Sr.'s presidency.

We know much more.

WE know about the "satanic cult" that rules the world.

We know about my incarceration as a "sex slave" in the music industry and used for countless other black ops; pornography, etc., etc.

We know there are untold numbers of mind control victims/survivors who may not yet even know about their past abuse.

We know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

We know I went down it not once, but twice and I will never return to that abyss.

We know there are many forums on the internet that expose this unjustice.

We know there is much information on the internet regarding mind control programs.

However, it is TIME that my incarceration/this atrocity upon all of society become public knowledge via mainstream media.

To this end, I have dedicated my life.

In Peace,
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